Bedroom Beauty Depends On More Then Just The Bed

In the old days, most bedroom decorating consisted of choosing the right bed plus adding such standard equipment as a low chest or dresser and a high chest- and that was about it. But today, people want more convenience in their bedrooms, and more and more people are using different pieces of furniture to make their bedroom well-decorated so that it will stand on its own as a beautiful place.

What can be added to a bedroom to achieve this new beauty and convenience? Here are a few ideas. How about a pair of straight chairs with a table between them; a desk; bookcases; an armoire; a beautiful dressing table; a chaise lounge; a love seat; or an attractive bench. And, of course, the new bedroom can be coordinated with carpet, drapery, wall designs, bedspreads and other accessories.

But what about the old problem of storage? Most homes without dressing rooms or big closets still need bedroom chests- but you don't have to settle for the old standard equipment. You can see a variety of beautiful, high, low, single, double, and triple dressers, chests and storage pieces that will not only hold clothing but improve a room decoratively. For all kinds of furnishings and ideas to add new beauty to your bedroom, stop in and browse around.

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