Good News In Furniture

Not long ago, the thought of costly cleaning or re-upholstering made many people worry about buying upholstered furniture - - always fearful of spots, stains and spills. But it can be a different story today.

Many upholstered pieces are now treated with one of several good chemical soil and stain repellents that protect your furniture. It' good news to know that the furniture industry has done so much about an age old problem.

And there are now other fibers on the market, too, mostly the products of chemistry that almost wholly reject stains and soil without the need of a repellent. They are called polypropylene and are known by various trade names, such as Vectra and Herculon and are also used in the manufacture of both outdoor and indoor carpets.

This fiber is almost completely moisture proof and non-absorbent so that it' almost impossible for water born stains, dirt, oil, grease, lipstick, crayon, even ink, to get into the fiber.

Seating comfort has also improved tremendously. Many manufacturers use a foam cushion filling for the center which has a soft outer wrap of polyester. This combination gives the soft feeling of down but costs less and keeps its shape much better. There are many improvements in furniture, and we invite you to come in and see them.

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