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For over 40 years we have been importing and fabricating custom and luxurious furniture for the home. Our customers have sent our furniture to their homes in various countries, such as, Aruba, South America, Africa, Spain, and Dominican Republic and across the United States.

Independent moving and trucking companies provide long distance white glove delivery service. We deliver and set up in the NY metropolitan area.

We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Visit our online store for special clearance, new arrivals and to explore our extensive partners and associates from Italy and other European factories.

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French Provincial Furniture

French provincial furniture dates back to the Romanesque period on the X century, but it was not until the XVI century, when, under the influence of the Italian Renaissance, and under the command of leaders such as King Louis XV of France, the aesthetics of it became what we mostly know today.

French provincial furniture catalog

Each piece of furniture in this collection is hand-finished and decorated, and any of our extensive variety of models can be ordered in several finishes such as: mahogany walnut, gold, silver, ivory and pearl.


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