How To Buy The Right Lamp

The first rule to remember in buying a lamp is that lamps should perform-not one-but two jobs for you. Beside giving you the kind of light you want where you want it, the other job that lampsĀ  should do is to add a decorating quality to your rooms.

A famous designer once said that a lamp should be useful - EVEN WHEN IT'S OFF. What he meant was that lamps should be bought -not just for lighting-but for their own beauty. They should bring decorator touches to the place where they're being used. But just as a lamp should be useful when it's off, you should take care that it will be useful when it's on, by having it be the right size to do the right job in lighting.

Make sure that a lamp is the best height to throw the right amount of light in the right spots. And make sure that the lamp is the size you want in relation to furniture around it. Lamps can do a lot for you, both when they're on and when they're off, if chosen properly. For all your home furnishings needs and help, stop in here. We'll be glad to see you.

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