The Basic Elements of Good Decorating

To make sure you get the most out of your home, here are the basic elements that make for effective interior decorating. First, there's unity and variety. Any room must have unity; some furnishings should have something in common with each other to create a unified whole.

but with unity must be also come variety to add interest and vitality to a room. Next is balance. Balance may be achieved in several ways such as making sure all heavy pieces don't weigh down one end of the room, and by positioning pieces in a pleasing way. Then, there's scale- making sure you have the right- sized furniture for it's purpose and for particular rooms. Next is the proper arrangements of furniture.

Unobstructed traffic lanes should be created in a room; at the same time, furniture should be grouped for such things as easy conversation, a reading light and table near a comfortable chair, a sideboard or other serving area near the dining table. And, there's color. Make sure you use a color to give the room personality and feeling. Finally, of course, is the selection of the furniture and accessories themselves. Please remember that we're here to give you that selection and help you achieve rooms you'll be happy with. Stop in.

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